Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Advice for Civilians

This post results from two incidents I encountered this past week. First, if you happen to be the responsible person for a business or other building that has an alarm drop do not show up and immediately drive right up to the front door, illuminate me and my backup with your headlights making us targets, then hop out of your car and walk around also making yourself a target. Notice the cop cars parked in the shadows away from the building. That's done for a reason. We're trying not to get killed.

Second, when I am on a traffic stop with three dirtballs don't approach me to ask a question. I need to have my attention focused on the three dirtballs. I may not yet know what I have and you definitely don't know what I have. I'll be happy to answer your question just as soon as I've cleared the stop. Please be patient. Thank you for your cooperation.


At 3:06 PM, Blogger frhe sjgg said...

okay. Makes sense.


At 8:43 PM, Blogger Brent said...

It's amazing how quickly a traffic stop can become a crazy encounter. Keep control is all I can say. Be prepared for outsiders to become involved, and watch everyone in the vehicle. Stay safe!!

At 10:17 PM, Blogger Ron said...

I'm no long in law enforcement, but your first scenario takes me back to when I was a rookie. (I 'worked' 16 hour days ... 8 hours as a rookie in a small dept, then 8 hrs of ride-along with a large dept, on my own time, really learning the ropes) ... back to my story:
One evening my training officer & I pull over a car which is full of 'possible gang members'. I am the passenger officdr and exit the patrol car also, but approach in a manner to keep me in the shadows (in this area, there were no two-officer cars). My FTO approaches the vehicle, introduces himself "hello, I'm Officer 'Stupid' with local PD and this is Officer 'Rookie' assisting me." At the mention of my name, he lights me up with his mag-light (destroying my night vision for the next few moments).

After the stop, I told officer stupid, "if you ever do that again, I'm going to shout that $#&%@#$ flashlight out of your hand!". I was released from the FTO process a few days later to patrol on my own.

At 5:49 PM, Blogger crystalpearl said...

Question for police officers, please:

Why is it that you never seem to want to take reports from crime victims? You say you can't take a report without a SSN or a home address, you try to intimidate the victim by saying we'll have to see the perp in court and be deposed by his lawyer and he'll go free anyway and come kill us. You act as is you don't believe us and, in general, are just really difficult when it comes to taking a simple report of a crime. I have seen you do it to other people a couple of times and I experienced it myself a few weeks ago after someone A & B'd me. The last thing I needed was a cop trying to dissuade me from making a report. I might not follow through with contacting the Prosecutor but I at least wanted the report to be on record. I was really suffering severe mental anguish from the terror of what had happened to me and the officer's tactics really drove me crazy and hurt me very much and angered me. Like I didnt' have enough going on already. So why do you do this?


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