Sunday, October 08, 2006

You again?

Well I've only been out on my own for about two and half months now, but I'm already running into the same people over and over again. This week I ran into the same bonehead for the third time.

The first time I found him he was trespassing with some friends in an open field, which is owned by one of the city council members. They were "just hanging out enjoying the nice day"... i.e. probably smoking pot. I had no way to prove the marijuana use so I kicked everyone off the property and warned them they would be cited for criminal trespass if they returned. I decided to return to the same spot several hours later. There was a car parked behind a tree and three males hanging out around it. Sure enough the same bonehead I had kicked out earlier was among them. "You again?" I asked. "What did I tell you last time?"

"I thought...."

"No, you weren't thinking, and can you explain why I smell marijuana?"

I cut this bonehead a break once already so he got cited for criminal trespass while his buddy, who said the weed and pipe were his, got cited for the marijuana possession. Buddy number two got off with a warning not to come back without permission from the property owner.

That was a few weeks ago. This week I ran into bonehead again. This time it was a call from a local fast food restaurant. Apparently a male was inside disrupting business and "harassing" the cashier.

I arrived and started talking to the manager. She said bonehead had come into the restaurant, started pushing buttons on one of the cash registers, opened the cash register drawer and then closed it when he saw her. She said she told him he needed to pay for what he rang up because her register would be short otherwise. He argued with her, and she told him to pay and leave or she would call the cops. He refused, but exited the building before I got there.

The manager said she thought he was still in the parking lot. She had a description of a blue pickup truck and a license plate number. I didn't see the truck anywhere in the parking lot. I was assuring her that I would look for the truck throughout the rest of my shift and was getting ready to leave the scene when I see a blue truck in the parking lot of an adjacent building. The driver sees me and makes a bee line for the nearest exit, and darts into a neighborhood. I catch up, note the license plate number matches the one I was given, and stop the truck. And guess who's driving?? That's right! It's bonehead.

"How many more times do I have to deal with you?"

"I dunno...mumble mumble. It's no big deal. She can just void it out on the register. By the way, the trespassing got dismissed" He said with a snide little grin

"Sir do you realized your truck hasn't been registered since January 2005?" I ask as I'm grinning from ear to ear, because the truck will soon be on the back of a recker and bonehead will be huffing it home in the rain.

"It's not my truck."

"Well then you're going to owe someone a huge chunk of change for the impound fee."

Not only was the truck not registered it had a plate from a different state on the front, and bonehead had moved and not updated his address with the DMV. He received keeper citations for it all, plus one for disorderly conduct, and the truck was towed. Man, that truck looked good on the back of the recker!


At 7:45 AM, Blogger FroneAmy said...

I love it when karma comes around to bite them in the ass. Yeah, your trespassing got dismissed but the impound fee and fines aren't going to get dismissed....please sign on the X.

At 7:03 PM, Blogger frhe sjgg said...

Bonehead definitely wasn't in the line for brains when they were being passed out !!!

Thank you for adding me to your links, Barking Yak, I really appreciate it !

I will do the same for your blog tomorrow on my links !

Be Safe.

Anne Elizabeth


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